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    About Us

    RSD is the largest independently owned refrigeration parts and equipment wholesaler in the western United States. Proudly serving the west since 1907.

    The Starr Piano Company, Pacific Division, was incorporated in the State of California in 1907 by Henry Gennett for the purpose of distributing the manufactured products of The Starr Piano Company, Inc., of Richmond Indiana. Mr. Gennett was also the president of the Indiana Corporation.

    From 1907 until 1933 the Starr products handled by the Pacific Division were pianos, phonographs and records. The Indiana Corporation began the manufacturing of refrigeration belt drive compressors in 1931, and in 1933 the Pacific Division added a store for distribution of Starr's refrigeration products. The branch of the corporation was a d.b.a. titled Refrigeration Supplies Distributor (RSD).

    The Starr Piano Company, Inc., of Indiana was owned exclusively by the Henry Gennett family from the 1890's until 1952 when the Indiana plant was sold and the manufacture and sale of pianos was terminated due largely to foreign competition. Starr ceased the manufacture of refrigeration products in the early 1940's, but the Pacific Division's refrigeration wholesale business continued by becoming a distributor of parts and supplies made by other manufacturers. The Pacific Division has been managed by Henry Gennett's descendents from 1907 to the present.

    In 2018 the Pacific Division celebrated its 111th anniversary. On January 26, 1978, the directors of the Company voted to officially change the corporation name from The Starr Piano Company, Pacific Division, to Refrigeration Supplies Distributor. The Secretary of the State of California certified this change on August 24, 1978.

    RSD has 79 offices located in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.