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    RSS Series – Fiberglass Cross Flow Cooling Tower

    Circulating Pumps

    RSD can design your water circulation system. Proper water flow is essential to ensure effective system performance. Since not all systems are created equally, efficient system design and save time and money. Our trained professionals can assist you in selecting the correct circulating pump for your flow requirements, and help design the most efficient piping layout for your system.

    Control Panels

    RSD can provide control panels for any application. Whether your requirement is for a simple fan cycling control or full DDC integration, our UL panel division is uniquely equipped to engineer design and build a control panel to meet your specific system demands. All control panels are UL 508 certified, guaranteeing that your control system will meet all code requirements and provide years of trouble free operation.

    Fan Blades

    All tower fans feature cast aluminum construction and provide a large volume of stable air at low noise levels. The fan pitch is adjustable in the field to optimize the performance and to account for variance in static pressure.

    FRP Construction

    All RSS towers feature FRP Fan Stack, Casing and Water Basins. The FRP panels are both corrosion and chemical resistant. The gelcoat finish includes UV inhibitors to protect the tower from the damaging effects of the sun.

    Heat Exchangers

    For applications where water temperatures or water quality requirements are outside the normal range of an open cooling tower, RSD offers a variety of close loop cooling systems. Using a RSD cooling tower in conjunction with a properly sized heat exchanger provides an extremely cost effective and service friendly alternative to a self contained fluid cooler. Simply provide us the system flow and water temperature requirement and leave the design to us.

    Inlet Louvers

    Our PVC inlet louvers are designed to allow maximum inlet air while limiting unwanted splash from the tower fill. The PVC material is UV protected and is resistant to both chemical and biological attack.

    Ladders and Safety Railing

    All RSS towers are equipped with OSHA standard ladders and safety railings to allow safe and easy access during inspection and maintenance. These are available in standard hot dipped galvanized or optional Stainless Steel.


    All motors are UL recognized TEFC construction, and specially designed for our application. The motors are VFD rated, with frequency drive control panels available as a factory option.

    Support Structure

    The tower support structure and motor frame are constructed of shot dipped galvanized steel. Optional Stainless Steel components are available upon request.

    Tower Fill

    Our tower fill is constructed of thermoformed PVC to ensure uniform density across the entire deck. The PVC material is resistant to both chemical and biological attack. The sheets are UV protected and meet the CTI STD-136 for rigid PVC. (Limited to 115F continuous duty.) Premium fill with higher temperature ratings is also available upon request.


    Most water cooled systems require valves to control the circulated flow or isolate the system during maintenance and repair. RSD has a full array of valves available from manual ball and gate valves to actuated butterfly and globe control valves. Give us your system requirements and we will choose the best valve solution.

    Water Distribution System

    Water is distributed across the fill deck though a FRP distribution pan. The pan is easily accessible for inspection and service. There are no moving parts or spray nozzles which makes the system virtually maintenance free. FRP basin covers are provided to keep the tower clean.

    Water Filtration

    RSD can select the proper filtration option for you. One of the biggest challenges in an open cooling system is the control of foreign materials in the water. This can cause everything from valve and control damage to the slow erosion of heat exchangers and system piping. Whether the debris is introduce outside atmosphere or is a by-product of the system itself, we can select a filtration option that is best suited for your specific needs.

    Water Treatment

    RSD can choose the correct water treatment for your needs. In all open cooling systems it is essential that the water be treated for dissolved solids and potential bacterial growth. Regardless of system design, over time, minerals in the water will form scale throughout the system that can affect the heat transfer, water flow and ultimately system performance. In some systems, the formation of algae can also cause system problems. Let our water treatment specialists choose the proper chemical and feed system for your specific needs.


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