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    RSD Series – Fiberglass Counter Flow Cooling Tower

    Air Inlet Louvers

    All towers RSD40 and above are equipped with our premium air inlet louvers. These louvers virtually 3eliminate water from splashing from the tower basin, as well as keeping debris from entering the tower. Premium louvers are available as optional equipment on smaller towers.


    The tower casing is constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester. (FRP) This material is light weight, durable and non-corrosive. The resilient nature of (FRP) will provide an additional margin of safety during high winds, earthquakes, etc.


    Our axial flow fans have been specifically designed for tower use. They provide a large volume of stable air at low pressure while maintaining desired low noise levels.


    Our standard tower fill is constructed of a heat embossed honeycombed P.V.C film. This honeycomb construction ensures even water distribution and high efficiency water to air heat transfer. The fill will withstand a maximum inlet water temperature of 130f. However, to ensure long life inlet temperatures over 115f. are not recommended. The fill is guaranteed for two (2) years providing 115f. maximum inlet water and proper water treatment.


    All towers RSD100 and larger are equipped with an OSHA standard ladder for safety and convenience.


    All tower motors are U.L. RECOGNIZED for outdoor duty. 3 through 150 ton towers utilize direct drive motors ranging from 6 pole(1150 rpm) through 10 pole(600rpm). 175 through 1000 ton towers utilize 4 pole motors with gear reducers. Due to superior tower design, motor hp and consequently energy consumption is significantly less than on traditional towers.

    Sprinkler Assembly

    The sprinkler assembly is constructed of 100% non corrosive material. Mounted on the top of a center 2stand pipe, the sprinkler assembly distributes the water evenly through 4, 6 or 8 distribution tubes. A minimal 7 pound head pressure is required to ensure proper rotation. The specific RPM can be obtained by adjusting the distribution tube angle. Refer to the table in paragraph 4.2 for RPM requirements.

    Support Systems

    RSD3 through RSD350 towers employ F.R.P. support legs that are an integral part of the basin construction. On RSD400 and larger towers, the support structure is constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel. Motor support assemblies and fill support components are also constructed of cast aluminum or hot dipped galvanized material. R.S.D. utilizes exclusively stainless steel fasteners to ensure long life and easy disassembly during maintenance and repair operations.

    Tower Shell

    The tower shell is a cylindrical, bottle shaped design which minimizes internal pressure drop. This design virtually eliminates ineffective space in the cooling layers, thus providing excellent cooling efficiency and space economy.

    Water Basin

    The water basin is constructed of 100% F.R.P. Our tapered bowl design channels all outgoing water to a recessed sump which ensures a steady flow of water to the pump; even when operating at low water levels, minimizing the chance of cavitation. This design also allows for easy access to the entire basin surface for easy cleaning. All fluid connections are located on a common bulkhead directly adjacent to the sump. RSD400 and larger towers have the addition of an auxiliary suction tank to simplify connections.


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